Group Information

Hyloc Hydrotechnic Pvt. Ltd.

Manufactures complete range of high pressure hydraulic plumbing products such as Tube Couplings, Flanged Fittings, Shutoff Valves and Needle Valves, Check Valves, Throttle/ Check Valves, Gauge Isolator Valves, Minimess Couplings Pipe Clamps and many other hydraulic plumbing products. The company also manufactures fitting components as per customers drawings or specifications

Polyhydron Systems Pvt. Ltd.  

Electro-hydraulic system Integrator and Engineering House.  
Manufactures of Cylinders, Power Packs, Servo Cylinders, Accumulators

Spica Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. 

Is the youngest member of the Polyhydron Group of Companies. 

Polyhydron Foundation

CSR and Social Activities.