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  • Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd (PPL) is the flag ship company of Polyhydron Group of Industries. 

  • Three young, dynamic entrepreneurs, namely, Mr. S.B.Hundre, Mr. V.K.Samant and Mr. D.S.Chitnis started a company called Hyloc Hydrotechnic in the year 1974 . 

  • In the course of time, more companies were established, namely Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd. in 1982, Polyhydron Systems Pvt. Ltd. in 1986 (Formerly this company was known as Oilgear Towler Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd.) and Spica Hydraulics Pvt Ltd in 2006 (Formerly this company was known as Spica Mould Cylinders Pvt Ltd).

  • Polyhydron manufactures Hydraulic Radial Piston Pumps, Industrial & Mobile Hydraulics Valves and Accessories. It has a effective Stockist Network through out India which markets PPL products.

  • Polyhydron products are priced unbeatably low and PPL has changed the prices very marginally in last 25 years. PPL maintains a careful implementation of Just In Time Production System, Kanban System etc... where in waste elimination is the key.

  • Polyhydron has maintained a compound growth rate of > 30%.

  • Polyhydron is known for its Ethical Management. People from all over India visit the company to interact and understand the systems. It has become a kind of "Pilgrimage Center" for the corporate world of India.

  • Turnover of Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd. for the FY 2018-2019 crossed 100 Crores Rupees.

Polyhydron Mission

We will nurture an Ethically Managed Organization. We will not exploit our Customer, Employees, Suppliers, Government, Society and Nature.

Polyhydron Vision

We will create an island of Excellence through focus on Customer, Employee Empowerment and continuous improvement.




Mr.S. B. Hundre (Chairman & Managing Director of Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr.V.K. Samant (Managing Director of Oilgear Towler Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd.)

Mr.D.S. Chitnis (Managing Director of Hyloc Hydrotecnic Pvt. Ltd.)

Suresh B. Hundre
Chairman & Managing Director.

Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd.

Vishwanath K. Samant
Chairman& Managing Director

Polyhydron Systems Pvt Ltd.

Dilip S. Chitnis
Chairman & Managing Director

Hyloc Hydrotechnic Pvt. Ltd.


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Research & Development

The R&D unit of engineers and technicians concentrates on keeping at least one-step ahead of industry in the field of Hydraulics. R & D is equipped with latest software on CAD, technical books, Special purpose test rigs, machinery, Measuring & inspection instruments and experienced engineers.

Main function of R & D is to improve the product quality of existing products and develop newer market friendly products.


Company Profile


Brief History of Polyhydron Group of Companies.

Mr. S. B. Hundre, Mr. D. S. Chitnis & Mr. V. K. Samant, the founders of the “POLYHYDRON GROUP ’’, started their first venture for manufacturing of Hydraulic Tube Fittings & accessories in the year 1974. Products like Pumps, Valves & Manifolds  were  added to manufacturing range in 1981-82  and Power Packs in 1986-87.  The above-mentioned three categories of products are manufactured in three separate companies as listed below.

  • Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd.:

This company started manufacturing Radial Piston Pumps, Relief Valves, Directional Control Valves, Flow Control Valves, Prefill Valves, Check Valves, Slip-in Cartridge Valves, Mobile Valves, Standard Manifolds and Valve Modules from 1981-82. Polyhydron is known in the country for its unique Management & Manufacturing systems and Quality products marketed at very reasonable prices. Polyhydron developed the concept of "BUSINESS ASHRAMA" (This EXPERIMENT is based on the fact that "Integrating Spirituality into Business produces Excellent results")  Gross Turnover for the year 2006-2007  is Rs.30,00,00,000 APPROX.

  • Hyloc Hydrotechnic Pvt. Ltd.:

This company has been in existence since 1974 and is engaged in manufacturing complete range of Hydraulic Tube couplings for metric tubes, Flanged Fittings Shutoff valves and needle valves, Throttle Check Valves, Gauge isolator Valves Pipe Clamps and many other hydraulic plumbing products.

  • Polyhydron Systems Pvt. Ltd.:

PSPL was formerly known as Oilgear Towler Polyhydron Private Limited (The company had entered into a joint venture collaboration agreement with “THE OILGEAR COMPANY, OILGEAR TOWLER INTERNATIONAL USA” in December 1993). The  company was established in 1986-87. Right from it’s inception, PSPL has been Manufacturing  Oil Hydraulic Systems & Hydraulic Actuators and has later added Piston Type accumulators to it’s range of products. 

  • Management:

Only Hydraulic Valve & Pump Manufacturing Company in India, which does not have any foreign collaboration.  
Just-In-Time Production System implementation has born unimaginable benefits inspite of the non-conducive environment in the country.

One of the very few companies in India to Practice “ Ethical Management ” and has developed the concept of “Business Ashrama”.  

  • Research & Development  

                    Well equipped R&D Center with CAD facility & necessary test rigs.  
                    Sophisticated Measuring & Calibrating Instruments.  
Qualified Personnel.

  •  Manufacturing

         JIT Production System.  
         Indigenously developed, well established ERP system.  

  •  Office Administration

                     Fully Computerized Information and Administrative Systems.  
Multi Functional People.  
                     Almost paper less working.

  •  Marketing

                    Highly effective Stockist  network throughout India.  
                    Quick Deliveries.  
                    Most economically priced products.  
                    Fast responses to Customer queries & complaints.  
                    Technical Advises for troubleshooting.    

 COMPANY PROFILE of Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd. Belgaum 

Name of the Company

Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd.  

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Suresh B. Hundre

Corporate Manager (CEO) Mr. Siddhartha S. Hundre
Manager (Purchase) Mrs. Vrushali S. Hundre


Regd Office & Works:
78-80, Machhe Industrial Estate, Machhe, Belgaum 590 014.





E- Mail




Type of Industry

Private Limited Company  

Year of Establishment



LAND (Sq.Mtrs)
Builtup (Sq.Mtrs)


Testing Equipment:

Self Made Test-Rigs for Testing Each Products.

Board of Directors

Mr. Suresh B Hundre  
Mr. Vishwanath K Samant  
Mr. Dilip S Chitnis  
Mrs. Pushpa S Hundre  
Mrs. Smita V Samant  
Mrs. Aparna D Chitnis