Welcome to Temple of Ethics

Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd (PPL) is the flag ship company of Polyhydron Group of Industries (2008-2009 Group Turnover is 75 Crores+). Three young, dynamic entrepreneurs, namely, Mr. S.B.Hundre, Mr. V.K.Samant and Mr. D.S.Chitnis started a company called Hyloc Hydrotechnic in the year 1974 . In the course of time , two more companies were established, namely Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd. in 1982 and Polyhydron Systems Pvt. Ltd. in 1986 ( Now this company is known as OilGear Towler Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd.).

Polyhydron manufactures Hydraulic Radial Piston Pumps, Industrial & Mobile Hydraulics Valves and Accessories. It has a effective Stockist Network through out India which markets PPL products.

Polyhydron products are priced unbeatably low and PPL has changed the prices very marginally in last 25 years This strong marketing strategy is maintained through careful implementation of Just In Time production System, Kanban System etc... where in waste elimination is the key.

Polyhydron has maintained a compound growth rate of > 30%.

Polyhydron is known for its Ethical Management. People from all over India visit the company to interact and understand the systems. It has become a kind of "Pilgrimage Center" for the corporate world of India.

Polyhydron Mission

We will nurture an Ethically Managed Organisation. We will not exploit our Customer, Employees, Suppliers, Government, Society and Nature.

Polyhydron Vision

We will create an island of Excellence through focus on Customer, Employee Empowerment and continuous improvement.