10 Beliefs
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# 1



The basic purpose of any business is to create wealth. If the business does not create wealth it cannot survive, rather it has no right to survive. A wealth creating business is an asset of the nation. A business should retain maximum portion of the wealth created to achieve sustained growth. Growth is Life; stagnation is Death- Swami Vivekananda has said. This requires lot of sacrifice on the part of management and renunciation of ownership mentality. Trusteeship - concept work well when the belief is making a business asset of the nation. Polyhydron shares the Net wealth created- 30% with employees, 5% with shareholders, 1% with the community and balance remains with the company for growth.

# 2


Business & Ethics are A Perfect Match

Polyhydron's Mission Statement states, "We will nurture an ethically managed organization, we will not exploit our customers, employees, suppliers, government, society and nature". Polyhydron states, "Honesty is not the Best Policy---- It is The Policy". We have declared, that we are Honest, Transparent and we do not pay Bribes. Business and Ethics- people say they are oxymoron. An ethical business ensures sound growth and the growth is sustainable.


# 3


Excellence & Spirituality are RELATED

An individual, A Society, A Nation, A Civilization cannot exists peacefully without Spirituality. Same is the case with any organization, business. Polyhydron believes that Spiritually has to be an integral part of Organizational Culture. When people work at places of worship or charity, we find them working Selflessly and at Near Excellence. Our Indian Work Culture is practicing Karma-Yoga. 

Western Efficiency and Dynamism combined with Indian Spiritual Values will create the Best Management System in the world. 

- Swami Vivekananda (1894) 

Why Spiritualize the Workplace?

  • Recognizing Divinity (Spirit) in all beings will make us a Complete Human. (Body-Mind-Intellect-Spirit)
  • Spiritualizing Economics will reduce Friction.
  • Making the Spirit (Divine) work will brings Conviction and Consistency in all operations, acts & decisions.
  • Spiritual Leadership & Realized set of Workers (Followers) will lead the organization towards World Class Excellence.
  • Will ensure Survival, Growth & Prosperity in these never before difficult times.

# 4


Every Customer is a “GOOD PAYMASTER”

Provided you do not extend open credit (Payable when able) facility. We at Polyhydron do not extend credit facility (expect 4 OEM customers). The OEM customers are strictly monitored for outstanding dues. Effect of No Credit Policy: Polyhydron makes sure that the profit earned is in our pocket and we never run short of cash, inspite of not borrowing money for term loan and as well as cash credit.

# 5


Every Government Officer is HONEST

We have declared at the entrance of the factory "We do not pay bribe". We have no right to call an officer or any body for that matter as CORRUPT if we are not going to pay bribe. It is possible to be out of corruption provided you are committed for clean business and are not in a hurry and you do not have the policy of "At any cost". We meet many honest officers in the course of our business. We make the officer (Government or Non Government) in advance, that we are not going to pay bribe. Sometimes we say it very loudly.

# 6


Profit includes INCOME TAX

We collect many taxes (Excise, Ed. Cess, VAT, Service Tax, etc.) from customers and pay to government. We forget that the income tax is also collected from customers. We feel bad while paying income tax. We plan for reduction / saving / evasion of income tax. A fruit has one eatable portion and the other not eatable, if we try to eat both we will have indigestion. Same is the case with Income Tax.

# 7


Management system makes money Products don’t

Product is only a means to create wealth. Management system is like a garland, each flower is a function and thread is the system. When all the function are efficient the system becomes efficient. Value for money (Cost x Quality x Delivery x Service) decides customer satisfaction. Systems like JIT, Kanban, MIS, TQM, TPM, Employee Empowerment, Kaizen etc help the management in the process of generating wealth.

# 8


Employees should earn wages Not be paid

A transparent system of wealth generation and a link of compensation to employees ensures that the employees earn their wages and need not be paid. This system makes the employees responsible for their returns and in turn improves wealth generated per employee. It promotes multiple skill, reduces total manpower requirement. Polyhydron has established wealth-sharing scheme. It ensures 30% of the wealth generated gets distributed (100% Bonus is the limit.)

# 9


Corruption adds Cost & reduces Quality

People feel corruption is cost of nuisance and also a short cut to get things done.

A corrupt system kills the growth of an Organization, Nation.

Corruption kills creativity, teamwork and promotes non-transparency.

# 10


Suppliers, Society & Nature are not Cows to be Milked

Generally suppliers are exploited and society and nature are never cared for. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) makes the organization fulfill its social obligation.